Remember Gov. Walker, An Eagle Scout is an Eagle Scout for life

Gov. Scott Walker made headlines in Wisconsin and across the nation when video surfaced last week of him responding to a question about whether he found the prospect of being commander in chief “daunting” and his response was to reference his attainment of the Eagle Scout rank 30 years ago.

Being an Eagle Scout is a lifelong commitment, and when it comes to the preparation, commitment and dedication necessary to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, Gov. Walker and I likely agree. But for me, being an Eagle Scout is living up to what Scouting taught me, every day. It is not a campaign talking point.

Three of the major points within the Scout Law, which each scout decides to live by, are being Trustworthy, Helpful, and Clean. Judge for yourself if Scott Walker is living up to these ideals not only as an Eagle Scout but also as the governor of Wisconsin.

A Scout is Trustworthy; Gov. Walker is not.

During his 2014 re-election campaign, Walker continually said any legislation related to right-to-work was a distraction and stated, “I’m making it clear in this campaign, as I’ll make it clear in the next (legislative) session, that that’s not something that’s part of my agenda. I’m not supporting it…” Fast forward to this session and the Governor goes back on his word to the people who elected him.

A Scout is Helpful; Gov. Walker is not.

Currently in Wisconsin, there are nearly one million student loan borrowers who took on the personal responsibility of paying for their education. None of these student borrowers are looking for a bailout, but simply assistance in refinancing their loans like any other loan a borrower can take out. Instead of helping these student borrowers, Gov. Walker is doing almost the opposite. In this next budget, Walker is making cuts to the UW System that will increase long-term student debt.

A Scout is Clean; Gov. Walker is not

In Gov. Walker’s proposed budget for the next two years, he plans on removing large portions of funding for renewable energy research in the state of Wisconsin. His proposed budget also contains funding for studies of the negative effects of wind turbines in the state. Not only is Governor Walker against moving towards renewable energy sources in the state of Wisconsin, he is adamantly opposing and undermining the efforts towards finding a solution to climate change.

Every young man that has gone through the vigorous requirements to earn the rank of the Eagle Scout learns a lot about himself and gains a strong sense of civic duty, but I do not believe that simply being an Eagle Scout qualifies anyone for being fit to do something.

I have nothing but respect for the Boy Scouts of America and I salute those who achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. But being an Eagle Scout is hardly qualification to serve as commander in chief. That he is willing to try and make this case, sadly shows Gov. Walker will say and do anything to slake his unquenchable thirst for power and his single-minded obsession with increasing his political power election after election.

I believe Gov. Walker was right when he told the Chamber of Commerce in Phoenix last week, “Being an Eagle Scout is one of the few things that you get as a kid that, you are not the past, it’s something that you are.”

But Gov. Walker, you need to start showing it.

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