Rep. Adam Jarchow’s Allies Promote Poor Shaming While Candidate for State Senate Seeks to Feather His Own Nest

‘The Kind of Candidate the Corporate Special Interests Love’

MADISON, Wis. — The right wing Wisconsin Alliance for Reform is seeking to boost the electoral prospects of Republican 10th Senate District candidate Adam Jarchow with an attack ad that shames people for struggling to pay for school lunches for their kids. Meanwhile, the beneficiary of the attack ads, Jarchow, has as a member of the State Assembly, introduced legislation to benefit himself.

“While Adam Jarchow seeks to feather his own nest in the legislature, his right-wing allies are doing the dirty work of attacking his opponent,” commented One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross. “What’s all the more despicable is that they’re doing it by bashing people who’ve struggled to pay bills and promoting the idea that every person facing tough economic times is on drugs.”

According to the Associated Press, Jarchow, who lists ownership of a tavern along with his wife, is a lead sponsor of legislation to lower the drinking age in Wisconsin. Jarchow, an attorney, also lists real estate transactions among the services he provides to clients. As a member of the legislature he has authored numerous measures to tip the scales against protections of air and water and in favor of corporations and property owners.

Ross concluded, “Adam Jarchow is the kind of candidate the corporate special interests love. He’s willing to change the law to give them the advantage, and he’s shown he’s willing to try to dip his own beak too.”

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