Rep. Joel Herbert Hoover Kleefisch

Mercifully, GOP Gov. Scott Walker’s “special interest” session is coming to an expensive end.

Taking away rights for victims, less accountability for tens of millions of dollars in taxpayers funds, paybacks to corporate contributors and a $140 million spending spree that will likely create zero jobs have been the GOP’s offerings to deal with rampant job loss and a $3.3 billion deficit.

Leave it to Rep. Joel Kleefisch (R-Oconomowoc) to channel Herbert Hoover in the midst of Republicans offering the same failied schemes of rich guy and big business tax cuts-n-massive deregulation to rig non-free market.

During debate yesterday, here’s what Kleefisch had to say:

There is a mom and a dad in the Green Bay area eating mac and cheese (with their children). And they wish they could put some hot dogs in the mac and cheese but they can’t afford it.’

So, if you’re keeping score…

Herbert Hoover 1928: A CHICKEN IN EVERY POT

Joel Kleefisch 2011: A HOT DOG IN EVERY MAC-N-CHEESE

The same old, same old, conservative failure. You can’t make this stuff up.


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