Rep. Sean Duffy Has Not Explained, Nor Apologized for Remarks on Lack of ‘White Terrorism’

‘Sean Duffy’s comments are disgraceful and indefensible.’

You may have seen media coverage from outside of Wisconsin on Rep. Sean Duffy’s despicable comments from CNN yesterday morning. Here is an example from the Charleston, South Carolina newspaper, home to a tragic incident of “white terrorism.”

Here is a list of 39 incidents of “white terrorism,” including the Sikh Temple mass shooting in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

“Sean Duffy’s comments are disgraceful and indefensible. He should be censured by Speaker Paul Ryan and the House for such unseemly remarks, made all the worse that they were uttered while he was ostensibly representing the good people of Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District.” — Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now.

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