Rep. Vos Pulls Out Of Voter ID Lawsuit But Questions Remain as Ethics Scandal Deepens

One Wisconsin Now Asks Five Questions Rep. Vos Must Answer

MADISON, Wis. — Rep. Robin Vos, Assembly Republican co-chair of the powerful Joint Committee on Finance, announced late Thursday that he is withdrawing from a lawsuit regarding voter ID legislation amidst a growing ethics scandal about how legal work being done on his behalf was being paid.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross commented, “One Wisconsin Now filed a complaint calling for an investigation because state ethics laws are crystal clear – it is illegal for elected officials to get benefits like free legal work because of their position. Rep. Vos apparently thought the rules didn’t apply to him.”

Rep. Vos has refused to reveal who was paying for legal work done on his behalf to allow him to intervene in support of voter ID legislation currently barred from implementation based on state constitutional concerns. Vos’ withdrawal from the suit is an apparent admission however the bills were being paid ran afoul of state ethics laws.

Ross called on Rep. Vos to stop hiding the truth from the people of Wisconsin and answer critical questions about this matter:

  • Who recruited Rep. Vos to join the lawsuit on voter ID?
  • Did Rep. Vos consult with Gov. Walker or state Attorney General JB Van Hollen about intervening in the lawsuit?
  • What was the alleged Government Accountability Board guidance that led Rep. Vos to believe he could have his legal bills paid and why has he not publicly produced a copy of said guidance?
  • In published reports on the matter, Rep. Vos stated he had “no idea” who would pay his legal bills. How could determine a funding arrangement would be legal if he didn’t know who would pay?
  • Who is paying the legal bills?

He concluded, “It’s far past time Rep. Vos stop the stonewalling, come forward and shoot straight with the people of Wisconsin.”


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