“Report shows ID is a bad idea”

The League of Women Voters says it all in this MJS editorial.

“…it is shocking that proponents of voter ID are citing a report which rolled out old findings that appear to point to widespread illegal voting in Milwaukee in the 2004 election. The truth is that virtually all of the irregularities identified in the 2004 election already have been debunked or found to be simple errors – people signing in on the wrong line, a glitch in the voter history that incorrectly looks like people voting twice, or a misspelled name. The study identified no reports of anyone impersonating anyone else at the polls.”

 If only this editorial had come from the MJS itself, which has been complicit in the cultivation of Wisconsin’s “voter fraud” myth. 

Every time someone calls out the reporting on the MPD report, like the LOWV has done here, the case for voter ID dies a little more.

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