Reports Say Republicans in Congress Set to Give Themselves Special Protection From Insurance Company Abuses in Latest Version of Bill to Repeal Affordable Care Act

State GOP Delegation Owes People of Wisconsin Answers About Where they Stand on Special Privileges for Congress in Health Care Repeal

MADISON, Wis. — The latest, secret version of Paul Ryan and Donald Trump’s bungling efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will reportedly include provisions sought by the right wing “Freedom Caucus” eliminating the ban on insurance companies charging people with pre-existing conditions, ranging from illness to being a woman, more for their health insurance. But in a new twist, according to news reports, Republicans have included an amendment to exempt health care for members of Congress and their staffs from this provision.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross commented, “Paul Ryan, Donald Trump and the Republicans have outdone themselves this time. They’re preparing to take health care away from millions of Americans. And to get the bill passed they’ll strip protections for Americans from insurance companies charging more for less coverage, except, of course, for themselves and their families.”

Ross said members of the Wisconsin’s Republican Congressional delegation owes the people of Wisconsin answers to the following questions about where they stand on this outrage:

To Rep. Sean Duffy: Do you support exempting yourself and your ten member family, including your eight children, from being covered by this amendment that would strip Wisconsinites of protection from insurance company abuses?

To Rep. Mike Gallagher: You’ve refused hold a single in-person town hall since your election and would not tell your constituents how you would vote when an ACA repeal bill was previously scheduled to come before the House of Representative. Will you now vote to exempt yourself from provisions that would allow insurance companies to raise your rates if you get sick?

To Rep. Glenn Grothman: On the eve of the 25th year of you having taxpayers pick up the tab for your health care, will you refuse to continue to make Wisconsinites pay for your insurance if this special law to protect Washington D.C. politicians passes?

To Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner: You have spent nearly half a century in elective office, do you think it’s right for politicians to give themselves better health insurance than anyone else in the country?

To Rep. Paul Ryan: Why are you giving more credence to insurance company profits and right wing legislators from other states than the people of Wisconsin, who you are supposed to be representing in Congress?

And lastly, noted Ross, there is Sen. Ron Johnson, who declared the ACA, “the greatest threat to our freedom in my lifetime.“

Sen. Ron Johnson: Will you vote to give insurance companies the ‘freedom’ to charge you more if you get sick, or, do you think you deserve special protection from insurance company abuses available only to you and your fellow federal politicians?

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