Republican Legislature Rushes to Limit Debate and Pass Right to Work Legislation That’s Wrong for Wisconsin

'It's Sure Not the People of Wisconsin Asking for the Lower Wages and Reduced Benefits That Come With Right to Work'

MADISON, Wis. — Republican legislative leaders have indicated they will seek to ram through controversial right to work legislation in mere days next week. According to media reports an “extraordinary session” will be convened to pass as yet undisclosed legislation regarding right to work.

The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross:

“Right to work is wrong for Wisconsin workers and families. It’s a complicated scheme that tilts the system even further in favor of corporate CEOs who are concerned only with their profits.

“It’s sure not the people of Wisconsin who work hard and deserve a fair shot to succeed that are asking for the lower wages and reduced benefits that come with right to work.

“All workers, whether they are in a union or not, are hurt by right to work laws. In the states that have it, the average worker earns $5,000 less per year and has fewer benefits.

“Even public education gets hurt, states with right to work spend over $3,300 less per pupil and their academic achievement lags behind. Meanwhile they give away more in tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations.

“No wonder on a Friday before a bill has even been publicly released Republican legislative leaders have unveiled a scheme to try to limit debate and ram the measure through the legislature next week.

“But instead of keeping their focus where it needs to be – creating well paying jobs and fixing the state budget mess they’ve created – the GOP legislature is kowtowing to the corporate special interests and their lobbyists.”

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