Republican Party of Wisconsin Always Ready to Trash Wisconsin

In its haste to criticize Rep. Ron Kind, the Republican Party of Wisconsin showed it’s always got time to dump on the people of Wisconsin.

As part of a quickly distributed press release, GOP head and Michael Steele lackey Reince Priebus refers to Wisconsin as among the “worst states to do business.”

How one facilitates economic growth by bashing the state, is beyond me, but then again these are the same Republicans who argue that we can improve the middle class by handing its tax dollars over to billionaires.

Given the Republicans’ historic failure to lead — from the economic collapse caused by the failed policies of George W. Bush, the endless war in Iraq, the ignoring of the health insurance crisis, the $9 trillion unfunded mandate of the Medicare Part D boondoggle — it’s unsurprising they offer pathetic attacks as opposed to real solutions.

Wisconsin has begun to dig out of the economic Armageddon of George W. Bush and the Republicans. For the third consecutive month, the state’€™s unemployment raise has fallen. This is good news.

Well, good news for everyone except partisan hacks like Priebus, who sees things only in the terms of party politics. If the state’€™s emerging from recession, Priebus and the Republican Party figure they’€™ll continue to be out of power.

Things are no different at the national level. When President Obama extended the hand to Republicans to work on undoing the Bush damage, or solving the health insurance crisis, they chose to play partisan politics, rather than put America’€™s interests first.

When America was attacked on George W. Bush’€™s watch, Democrats joined Republicans to move the country forward. When Democrats asked Republicans for the same to get us out of the economic collapse, they responded with cries of socialism.

Reince Priebus, Wisconsin is a great place to work, live and raise a family. You disagree? Well, to quote one of your party’€™s ‘€œrising’€ stars: ‘€œYou lie.’€

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