Republican Party of Wisconsin Running from Own Platform, Support for Social Security Privatization

Young Gun' Ryan Raises Money for Republican Candidates, Party Platform Endorses His Social Security Privatization 'Roadmap to Ruin'

MADISON, Wis. — The Republican Party of Wisconsin’s frivolous complaint to the Government Accountability Board (GAB) regarding its legislative candidates’ support for the Social Security privatization scheme concocted by U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Janesville), belies the RPW’s own state platform, which offers incontrovertible support for the so-called “Ryan Roadmap.”

RPW said it was filing the complaint with GAB Monday in response to communications made by the Greater Wisconsin Committee pointing out Ryan’s support for candidates, as well as selected candidates’ direct endorsement of the privatization scheme.

“Mark Jefferon and the Republicans had their chance to oppose the disastrous Ryan plan to privatize Social Security, but instead they embraced it and wrote into their party platform,” said Scot Ross. “Now after Paul Ryan has raised money for candidates across Wisconsin and his plan has been embraced by Republican candidates, they’re running for the hills because Wisconsin opposes privatizing Social Security.”

The Republican Party of Wisconsin platform, fully endorsed at the state convention this summer reads:

WHEREAS, Paul Ryan has shown real leadership and has offered comprehensive solutions through his Roadmap to America’s Future. Congressman Ryan has done this by capturing the power and innovation of the free-market without sacrificing the freedoms that this country was founded on; and,

WHEREAS, Congressman Paul Ryan advocates free market solutions to Medicare and Social Security;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Wisconsin, in caucus assembled, support Congressman Paul Ryan’s Roadmap to America’s Future, which transitions the Medicare program to “allow beneficiaries to choose the most affordable coverage to suit their needs,” and offers real solutions to the crisis of Healthcare, the burden of entitlements and the onerous tax and regulation climate that are limiting America’s potential, and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that we support Congressman Paul Ryan’s Social Security proposal which makes Social Security ‘permanently solvent.’

[RPW Platform]

The chief actuary overseeing Social Security reported in a just-released analysis about the drastic reduction in benefits recipients would receive under the Republican privatization plan.

According to The Hill, “Under Ryan’s plan, the report showed that by 2080, the benefit of a medium earner, about $43,000 in 2010, would be 46 percent below today’s wage-indexed amount; the benefit of a higher earner, $69,000, would be 56 percent lower; and the benefit of someone who earns the maximum taxable amount, $106,800, would be 61 percent lower. The reductions include a 7 percent cut in benefits resulting from the increase in the full retirement age that is already scheduled in law.” [The Hill, 10/20/10,]

“If Mark Jefferson thinks his Republican candidates suddenly now oppose Paul Ryan’s Social Security privatization scheme, he can demand they return all the money they raised from Ryan’s fundraisers,” said Ross. “Otherwise he can get back to defending Scott Walker wanting to cut 400,000 working Wisconsinites from BadgerCare to pay for $1.63 billion in corporate tax cuts, or Ron Johnson protecting predatory pedophiles.”

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