Republican Party Official Defends Anti-Semetic Slur

The ugliness of Sauk County board member Virgil Hartje’s anti-semetic comments during a recent board meeting, is only eclipsed by the defense of his comments provided by Andrea Lombard, a local Republican Party official.

This garbage is indefensible. But rather than criticize a fellow Republican campaign donor, Lombard defended the remark, telling the Baraboo News Republic that:

Supervisor Andrea Lombard of Baraboo has defended Hartje, saying he did not intend to offend anyone and the term “[slur redacted]” is common language for some.

Considering it is the Republican Party which has provided silent approval while many of its elected and aspiring elected officials have fueled the rumors rooted in racism that President Obama is not a Christian, or he was not born in America, it is unfortunate that the Republican Party of Wisconsin has sat back silently while one of its county officials condones the use of a disgusting anti-semetic slur.

After how many pandering state Republicans ranging from Scott Walker to Ron Johnson to Rebecca Kleefisch rode the divisive tea party wave in the elections of 2010, the RPW’s collective reticence to criticize would appear intentional.

Let’s not rock the boat, huh?


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