Republican Rep. Ribble hasn’t voted in WI since his election

As control of the Wisc. Supreme Court and state Senate hung in the balance, hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites cast ballots in hotly contested races this year. Republican Rep. Reid Ribble was not one of them. [AP]

It’s bad enough Republican Reid Ribble doesn’t even live in the district he represents, now we’re finding out he doesn’t even vote. But Rep. Ribble makes it unclear as to whether it’s DC’s fault or his staffers’ fault:

Ribble blamed the April 5 voting oversight on his “hectic lifestyle” in Washington, where he sits on the House Budget Committee.

“That’s not going to happen again,” he said. “We’ve now set policies and procedures in my office to make sure that I’ve got the ballots available to me.”

[Associated Press]


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