Republicans are concerned about unicorns, not expanding access to polls

Republicans like Attorney JB Van Hollen say theyre against expanding access to the polls because a non-existent problem”voter fraud”will be carried out by non-existent groups”like ACORN. In reality, the Wisconsin Voter Protection Act will give individuals in the military and their families a better opportunity to vote and will improve the voting experience at the polls by reducing lines and easing the burden on polling staff.In a recent memo, Attorney General JB Van Hollen became just the latest Republican to come out against modernizing our voter registration system to save local governments valuable resources and limit opportunities for REAL voter fraud and suppression.

Not that Van Hollens opposition to fairer elections should be any surprise. During 2008 ” the last major election year ” as co-chair of the McCain-Palin campaign in Wisconsin Van Hollen filed a frivolous and dangerous lawsuit that couldve disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin voters. (Remember, I made a video about it.) Pretty much everyone agreed it was a partisan, political move and thankfully a judge tossed out his lawsuit altogether.

At a press conference today, Republican leaders again made the case against expanding access to the polls. Rather than debating real issues ” like the merits of making it easier for individuals in the military and their families to participate in the same democratic process they risk their lives to protect ” the right-wing obstructionists again reverted to arguing about make believe threats from unicorns, er acorns.

Speaking of the fantasy dreamscape wherein conservatives have been living since 2008, in a post today our friend Jud calls the TEA Party, America’s New Fantasy Game. Its funny and true.

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