Republicans Launch Another Assault on Democracy

‘They’re Playing With Fire With Latest Attacks on Rights of Legal Voters’

MADISON, Wis. — Since the November 6 election in which they suffered historic losses, Wisconsin Legislative Republicans have been huddling behind closed doors concocting never before seen proposals attacking voting rights and other issues to be rammed through the state Senate and Assembly in a matter of days in a lame duck session.

The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross on the circulation of a ballot from the Assembly Committee on Organization to convene the session:

“The people of Wisconsin sent a clear message on November 6 but Robin Vos, Scott Fitzgerald and the Republicans in the legislature are refusing to listen and respect the results of the election.

“This Republican gang has shown time and again they have no shame when it comes to rigging the rules to give themselves an unfair partisan advantage. They are up to their same old tricks with schemes like moving the election date to give Scott Walker’s hand picked Supreme Court Justice, Dan Kelly, a better chance at winning at a cost to taxpayers of $7 million.

“Restrictions Republicans imposed on early voting were previously thrown out by a federal judge because they were found to intentionally discriminate against voters on the basis of race.

“They’re playing with fire now with these latest attacks on the rights of legal voters.”

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