Result of WPRI-UW Right Wing Propaganda Polling Project: Tommy! over Feingold

We see more ‘€œcredible‘€ research from the suspect polling project between the state’s leading right wing think tank and the University of Wisconsin’s poli sci department.

The poll, conducted through the WPRI-UW Propaganda Polling Project, sampled 700 random adults about their voting plans — but incredibly, didn’€™t screen for likely voters, which is standard if your goal is actually finding out sound information about voter choices.

The result of a mix of non-voters and voters (we only know from the poll that people were asked if they were registered): A four-point lead for Tommy! Thompson over incumbent Russ Feingold.

Coincidentally, the conservative agenda is to make progressive legislators seem vulnerable as they try and clean up the national economic collapse caused by the failed policies of George W. Bush. Otherwise, why would you ask people who weren’t, you know, likely voters and why would your match-up be against someone who is in no way considered a serious candidate to run?

Aside from his vanity run for president, Tommy! has spent his time raking in dollars from the contacts he made as Bush’€™s HHS secretary. Again, it was Tommy! who failed to alert Congress that the true cost of the Medicare Part D boondoggle which will top $8 trillion in unfunded costs, according to former GAO head David Walker.

We’ve talked before about the Tommy! factor and how indulging of him in this dance year after year after year.

But now, WPRI-UW comes up with conveniently-timed “polling” data deployed to advance this conservative fantasy.

Here at One Wisconsin Now, we’ve made no bones about our belief in the goal of this polling project: reinforce the messages of conservative agenda.

First, it was the laughable claim that a poll about federal health insurance reform shouldn’t include a question about offering a public option to end the stranglehold insurance companies have on our health care denial system.

Now this nonsense. More evidence about the project’s true goals.

Unless WPRI is claiming its right wing funders, like the ultra-conservative Bradley Foundation, would support a polling project that advance a liberal policy agenda?

Of course not. Neither would WPRI’s most prominent voice, Milwaukee yapper, Charlie Sykes.

The only questions are: Do Goldstein and poli sci chair John Coleman realize they’re being used, or do they not care? Are they clueless about the agenda of WPRI? Did they not do their research? Or did they think it’s hunky-dory to partner with the state’s largest right-wing think tank, which is funded by the state’s largest right-wing foundational sugar daddy.

I guess another question could be: How much in tax dollars is UW spending to finance this project?

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