Right Wing’s “National Marriage Week” Failing Miserably

Early last week Wisconsin Family Action made a thrilling announcement: Republican Gov. Scott Walker had issued a National Marriage Week proclamation! While many view the week as nothing more than a thinly-veiled attack on same-sex couples and the voices in the LGBT community, the GOP often jumps at the chance to appease their ultra-conservative base by, y’know, issuing proclamations and such.

Well, as chance would have it, two pieces of news come to us today — hump day — right in the middle of “National Marriage Week.”

First, this, from Gawker:

Chris Lee

Rep. Christopher Lee is a married Republican congressman serving the 26th District of New York. But when he trolls Craigslist’s “Women Seeking Men” forum, he’s Christopher Lee, “divorced” “lobbyist” and “fit fun classy guy.”

Uh oh. Hypocritical GOPer -1  National Marriage Week – 0.

And now, this, from our friends at Progress Michigan:

Enter state Rep. Paul Scott, who has called himself the Tiger Woods of the GOP.

Turns out the two have more in common than a good smile.

Scott announced yesterday that he is expecting a child with a former staffer, Mandy Grove. He calls impending fatherhood “the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

So, the hypocrisy level on the right-wing is high this week, but as those on the left know, it’s actually not too uncommon. (See: Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Charlie Sykes, Ted Haggard, Mark Sanford.)

Look, it’s one thing to have a few marriages or a few affairs. It’s another thing to court the extreme right-wing base hellbent on denying the right of same-sex couples to be recognized by their own government as a married, all while posting hawt pix of your married self on Craigslist for “Women Seeking Men.”

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