Righties Silent on Egelblog Yank

There’€™s been a noticeable silence on the part of the right wing Wisconsin blog community about the vanished postings of the previously-oft frothing Jo Egelhoff, who regularly peppered liberals and pro-family economic and social policies on her FoxPolitics.net blog-n-site.

For a walk down memory lane, you can visit One Wisconsin Now’€™s http://www.onewisconsinnow.org/page/content/foxpoliticsrevealed/ to see all of her gems of yester-month. And if you can’€™t stand reading them, by all means, check out our new web ad ‘€œSay It Ain’€™t So, Jo.’€

Egelhoff’€™s extremist views were a near-daily contribution to the devolution of well-reasoned discourse in our public debate, but something changed. And changed quickly. Suddenly, the prolific blogster yanked all of her posts.

No more the quips about Social Security and Medicare being ‘€œgiveaways’€ and ‘€œcharity’€ programs. No more complaining about rich people like her having to pay taxes. No more of her grousing about all of you ‘€œgas price whiners.’€

Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Nice guts.

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