Rightwing Radio Takes off on Pedro Coln

You can tell a lot about a political candidate by the enemies he or she makes.

In Pedro Coln’s (D-Milwaukee) run for the Milwaukee City Attorney’s race, Coln has gained the enmity of the usual suspects on rightwing radio.

Both Charlie Sykes and Mark Belling ripped into Coln Monday though not offering any argument against his candidacy.

Of course, Coln who lists among his supporters the Milwaukee DA, the City’s legislative caucus, and US Rep. Gwen Moore, also gets an occasional hit from those upset by his successful advocacy of a sexual harassment victim. The nerve of that Coln!

And Coln is campaigning for the City Attorney’s office advocating that he would work with other officials to flush out the law protecting Milwaukee citizens so that citizens would be better served by the actions of their government and the police. What nerve this uppity Hispanic has!

The naysayers are unpersuasive.

Amen to Coln’s efforts to make government serve the people it is supposed to serve.

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