Righty Wish List: “New Minority Group”

Cory Leibmann had some particularly insightful comments on the “news” this weekend about a fake grassroots effort the right is trying fund.

A couple of guys looking for a paycheck on the state’s right wing want to create another 14 organizations to go with their dozens of current organizations, such as the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, WMC, Americans for Petroleum and the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance.

Buried in the right wing’s wish list to waste their already-unlimited corporate stream of money, is an odd entry on page four.

A chart which includes the-always-realiably-conservative Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance as part of the right’s cabal, includes a box that simply reads “New Minority Group.”

New Minority Group.

New. Minority. Group.

Not condescending in the least. Not at all.

This is why the right is a laughing stock right now. They think it’s a matter of checking a box.

Create an organization to do research and media. Check.

Create an organization to manage grassroots development. Check.

Create another think tank to go along with the 25 other right wing think tanks. Check.

Create a “New Minorty Group.” Check.

No doubt the right wing financiers will collide into one other desperately trying to fund this sideshow. Given the huge success the anointed leaders of this non-group have had in recent years in advancing a conservative public policy agenda, I don’t think progressives should lose much sleep over this one.



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