Ripp Hip on Overseas State Contact Dollar Ship

Didn’t take long for Lodi’s Keith Ripp to get his marching orders on partisan politics in Madison.

Yesterday, Ripp stood against job creation and having Wisconsin tax dollars pay American workers when he voted against a common sense bill to ensure the state only do contract business with companies in the United States.The bill passed with heavy bipartisan support, but the AssGOP leadership didn’t like it. Apparently, they want your tax dollars to go to foreign businesses.

This didn’t stop a number Republicans from crossing party lines and joining the Democratic majority in passing this important bill.

But apparently, when his partisan leaders yip, responds does Ripp.

The backbenchers leading the AssGOP stable, Fitz, Suder, Kleefish and Tauchen (wow.) voted against the bill — and Keith Ripp joined them.

It’s odd, because earlier Ripp voted for the so-called ‘Wisconsin First Act’ to require the state of Wisconsin to use Wisconsin businesses for purchasing at least 20 percent of goods and services.

Did leadership get to him before the second vote?

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