Ripp Quick to Take Credit for Stimulus He Voted Against

Keith Ripp used to be a farmer and heifer raiser. Now he’€™s ‘€œrepresenting’€ the good people of the 47th district’€”his home town is Lodi. According to his campaign website, ‘€œAgriculture is one of my main contributes $51.5 billion to the state’€™s economy.’€

But as soon as Ripp fell in with the State Republican   Bad Ideas Caucus in Madison, suddenly farmers, agriculture (12% of all jobs in the state) and the Wisconsin economy took a back seat to petty partisanship. In one of his first votes, Ripp voted against the state economic stimulus bill last month.

My how time flies.

In an epic display of revisionist history worthy of the George W. Bush Library Foundation, Keith Ripp is now talking up the state stimulus package for constituents in his hometown newspaper.

“As far as building construction and equipment they are going to need to upgrade or update, that helps manufacturing,” Ripp said. “We’re kind of killing two birds with one stone, because we’re going to jump-start some construction with this.”

By referring to ‘€œwe’€ in the above statement, Mr. Ripp should really clarify. We really means the legislators other than Keith Ripp who voted for the stimulus. Keith Ripp voted NO on the stimulus bill. Just to be clear.

Ripp said ‘€œhundreds of dairy cooperatives in the state will be able to take advantage of the new law.’€ Which is funny, cause remember, Ripp voted no.According to the Lodi Enterprise News story, farms in the 47th are seeing a nearly-immediate benefit in tax breaks for reinvesting’€”great news! Once again, just a friendly reiminder: Keith Ripp voted no.

Ripp said the stimulus bill ‘€œwill help more than just farmers, though’€ Which is really cool and all. The state stimulus bill is good for farmers. And the 47th ‘€“quite a few farmers there: dairy farmers, crop farmers, heifer raisers. Kieth Ripp, former farmer, and self-proclaimed agricultural advocate, voted against the stimulus.

Wow, real brave. Ripp knew it was a good bill, but he wasn’€™t brave enough to stand up to the obstructionist AssGOP leadership and vote for a bill that would help his friends and neighbors. Then, he’€™s not brave enough to stand up for his decision in front of his constituents.

Take a stand! If you’€™re going to vote no then OWN IT. Tell your farmer friends even though the state stimulus would help them grow their businesses, you voted NO because it was a filthy socialist plot. Tell them you voted on principle because the stimulus didn’€™t include huge tax breaks for the rich. Or you voted no because you wanted more corporate tax loopholes, or you voted no because Rush Limbaugh or Charlie Sykes told you so. Tell your constituents something with at least little-bit-o-truth.

But then again, I shouldn’€™t be surprised. A conservative in Wisconsin with a selective memory and a penchant for distorting the truth? I should’€™ve known.

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