RoJo Seeks MoJo by Paying Liberal Blog?

Ron Johnson hears voices. They speak to him through the tee vee, as he explained about his entrance into the U.S. Senate GOP primary. Johnson determined “prostitute toe-sucker” Dick Morris was talking to him through the Fox News airwaves, so he’s got his campaign-sized tea bag and he’s hitting the trail.

And how’s he spending that personal campaign fortune to win a primary in which the level of discourse will likely be which candidate would be more personally insulting to the President if Obama came to Wisconsin?

He’s buying ad space on one the country’s top liberal blogs. It’s true. Check out this screen shot captured Monday of Johnson’s ad on the notoriously-accurate, and thus “librul, socialist hooey,” site Talking Points Memo.

And if that’s not alarming enough, check out that screen shot with added graphics and a sarcastic speech balloon.

In the current substance-free GOP senate primary, it will be funny to see whether the teabaggers, pack up their teabags for their teabag champion Ron Johnson and teabag their way to whatever candidate is left after the purging of any moderate whoever once resided in the Party of No.

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