Rove: Friday Behind Closed Doors with Investigators, Tuesday Behind Closed Doors with WMC

The unfortunately-not-frogged-marched-yet Karl Rove spent Friday meeting with investigators about the possible illegal purging of U.S. Attorneys who the Bush administration thought weren’t abusing their authority and charging enough Democrats with crimes in the lead-up to the 2006 elections.

Rove, a central player in a number of bastardizations of the U.S. Department of Justice, was hauled behind closed doors to talk to investigators Friday about his role.

Assuming his front door will not be knocked down by agents with guns ablazing and arrest warrants in hand in the next 24 hours, Rove will be in Milwaukee Tuesday morning to give a no-media, no-public access yammer session to an audience convened by the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.

The topic: the Employee Free Choice Act, which seeks to give workers the choice to join a union and control over how they organization.

Rove’s appearance puts a wonderful face to those who may still be on the fence about the Employee Free Choice Act.

If you think Karl Rove is someone whose opinion should be valued, then join him in opposing the Employee Free Choice Act.

If you think Karl Rove is the architect of the most vile, corrupt, anti-middle class disaster of a presidential administration, then you might join working families in supporting the Employee Free Choice Act.

Supporters of the Employee Free Choice Act, led by the Milwaukee Area Labor Council, will hold a counter rally to Rove’s appearance Tuesday morning at the event site, the Milwaukee Athletic Club.

And to WMC’s association with Rove — you can tell a lot about a person by the company he or she keeps.


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