Rove’s latest plot to reclaim power snares Van Hollen

Leave it to Karl Rove to blast away any doubt of the partisan motivation behind JB Van Hollen’s attempt to file suit to stop health insurance reform.

Rove, former Republican Party Chair Ed Gillespie and a gaggle of top Republican strategists and operatives have been quietly building a “massive fundraising, organizing and advertising machine” in an attempt to take back Congress and the White House.

One of the key players in Rove and Gillespie’s ‘take-back-the-power’ network is the Republican State Leadership Committee, the same $57 million Republican campaign outfit that Van Hollen’s staff consulted with prior to seeking authorization from the legislature and Governor to file the ridiculous lawsuit to stop health insurance reform from becoming the law, and the same group, chaired by Gillespie, that funded Van Hollen’s campaign to the tune of $10,000.

With Rove’s tentacles now sliming their way into Wisconsin, Van Hollen’s claim that he was “just doing his job” in consulting with the RSLC and pushing the lawsuit against health insurance reform is exposed for the calculated campaign maneuver it really was.

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