RPW Blog Continues to Feature Anonymous Author of ‘Fag Lobby’ Comments

The Republican Party of Wisconsin still features the anonymous blogger ‘€œDad29’€ as a featured contributor, almost a week after the blog’€™s author angrily responded to comments on “his’€ blog with the homophobic retort: ‘€œTypical fag lobby.’€

Dad29 is able to take nasty, homophobic pot shots from a coward’€™s vantage point cloaked in anonymity. That the Republican Party of Wisconsin continues to prominently feature and support his work even after this inexcusable slur shows just how extreme the party has become.The RPW blog list is available at http://www.wisgop.org/Blog.aspx.

Without comment, apology or atonement, the weekend’€™s homophobic post by Dad29 was removed from his site.

His ‘€œwork’€ though, remains linked to on the RPW site. Classy. All the way around.

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