Ryan’s Roadmap already charted by Worst President Ever

During some downtime between creating super awesome and totally relevant Ayn Rand fanboy videos and posting them on Facebook, Paul Ryan managed to find time to offer up the latest GOP lead-balloon plan for propping up the rich and corporations while selling out the middle class. Ryans Roadmap for America was brought to the forefront of the debate during the question and answer session between the President and House Republicans.

The President even praised Ryan for offering a substantive idea, and though President Obama didnt say so, Im sure he was thankful to hear something from the Republicans that didnt question his citizenship, attempt to incite racially-charged violence or contain a reference to teabagging. A breath of fresh air, if you will.

However, it quickly became apparent that Ryans Roadmap is nothing but a rehash of Bush-onomics and a straight shot off the cliff for middle Americans. It would privatize Social Security. Medicare? Forget about it. And of course, what GOP idea would be complete without a massive tax break for the rich on the backs of the middle class? Add that all up and what do you get? According to Paul Ryan, the Roadmap was supposed to [lift] the crushing burden of debt and work to eliminate the national deficit ” in 50 years. But even that turtles pace isnt going to get us to solvency.

The Tax Policy Center debunked the Roadmap, saying Ryan told the CBO to essentially look the other way on his tax cuts for the wealthy when calculating projected tax collections. The Roadmap assumes taxes would make up 19 percent of GDP; given the truck-sized tax loophole for the rich built into the Ryan plan (aka the Flat Tax), 19 percent isnt just a rosy prediction, its down-right wrong.

It didnt take long for the Roadmap to lead to a dead end, and for Ryan to go from the GOPs Great White Hope to radioactive. Ohio Orange came out against the Roadmap almost immediately, saying House Republicans weren’t behind it and other GOP insiders said Ryans plan wasnt helping because GOPers havent unified around it.

Forbes Magazine, not known as a bastion of librul-ism, called the spending cuts in the Roadmap politically impossible to achieve. And now, Paul Ryan himself is backing away from the plan, making very clear his plan is not the official GOP plan.

The mainstream media, including the Journal Sentinel, fawned all over Ryans plan — and why not? A conservative who says anything other than NO these days should be news, never mind the absolute abject failures his tired ideas have been over the last decade.

Because according to Paul Ryan, if there are lessons to be learned from the lost decade of the 2000s its that we should give our guaranteed Social Security over to Goldman Sachs and the rest of the Wall Street crooks. Or that tax cuts for the rich (in a time of war, no less) is the way to ensure economic growth or that market forces will regulate themselves and prevent scam artists from sending our economy into a near-death spiral.

Ryans Roadmap is nothing but a circle route back to the failed Bush agenda. No matter what Fox News says, the American people havent yet forgotten the mess the Worst President Ever left for us to clean up while hes off giving motivational speeches for the low, low price of $4.95 a head.

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