Scott Walker Ad Declares ‘Democrats Are Winning’

Scott Walker Has Always Been Willing to Say Anything to Win an Election, This Time He Might be Telling the Truth

MADISON, Wis. — A digital banner ad appearing on a right wing political website, sponsored by Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign and linking to his website’s donation page, declares “Democrats are winning.” One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross, while not disagreeing with the sentiment, noted the novelty of Walker declaring he’s losing in a bid to continue a quarter century political career that has consumed nearly his entire adult life.

“Scott Walker has always been willing to say or do whatever he thinks it will take to win an election,” commented Ross. “In the past he’s made false and misleading statements to the media and in his television ads. But this time it seems Walker might be telling the truth with his message that he’s losing.”

A copy of the banner ad is pictured below:

Ross pointed to a series of electoral defeats and Republican disarray as they scramble to find another standard bearer besides white supremacist Paul Nehlen to replace retiring Paul Ryan as validation of Walker’s contention that Democrats are winning in Wisconsin.

In January, Democrats won a state Senate seat long held by Republicans in a district won by Donald Trump in 2016. That stunning defeat for the GOP was quickly followed by Rebecca Dallet trouncing Gov. Walker’s former attorney and hand picked candidate to take an open Wisconsin Supreme Court seat for progressives for the first time since 1995.

And now, one week after Paul Ryan’s surprise announcement of his retirement, Republicans have yet to find a top tier candidate to challenge white supremacist Paul Nehlen in a primary for the 1st Congressional District. In fact a series of state legislators, including the Speaker of the State Assembly and a state Senator who is not up for election in 2018, and former chief of staff to Donald Trump Reince Priebus have passed on a bid.

In his 2014 election Walker at various points commented he intended to serve an entire term if elected, said he had no interest in signing a right to work law and, looking straight to camera, in a television ad declared he trusted women to make their own health care decisions. On election night he mentioned “Washington D.C.” more than “Wisconsin” and spent the next year preparing for and making his disastrous 71-day run for President, signed a wrong for Wisconsin right to work law as 2015 Act 1 and approved dangerous new abortion restrictions.

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