Scott Walker, CEO?

Scott Walker came to Madison today to try out his hilarious new stand-up routine. If voters are looking to hire a CEO, Walker says, then look no further. Cue rimshot.

Walker who served three seconds in the private sector “said he’s the top candidate if voters are looking to hire a ‘CEO’,” and went on to say “The best person would be someone who has run a similar company under similar circumstances.”

Walker, who has never run a company, has been a politician since he was 25 when he became a state representative and would eventually vote to increase state spending by 84%. He then became County Executive of (CEo) Milwaukee County. For this, OWN created an interactive timeline of his disastrous record at

Not that I actually think a profits-above-people approach to a government of, for, and by the people is actually a good thing, but I await businessman Mark Neumann’s response to politician Scott Walker thinking Wisconsin is looking to hire a CEO.

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