Scott Walker Knows Better than the Women Folk

Hey Scott,

Thanks so much for explaining to me what’€™s wrong with Milwaukee County in your latest mailer. You know the one I’€™m talking about, with the little blond girl on the front, in a police uniform with a badge that reads ‘€œCity of Toyland.’€ Now, it all makes sense to me’€”you’€™re not playing around’€”the women must go.

This mailer is really a trifecta perfecta. In this one picture, you clearly explained that:

‘€¢ Your female opponent is weak

‘€¢ Any female candidate running for office is weak

‘€¢ Women are unfit to work in law enforcement

Yep, it’€™s a scary world when little girls are in charge of policing the big city. I mean, according to you, girls like Lena Taylor would do silly stuff, like keep our teens out of prison and work to keep guns off the streets. But man, do I feel more confident when I open it and see the real law enforcement’€”men, predominantly white, of course. Whew! Doesn’€™t everyone know that males are best equipped for serious jobs, like law enforcement and County Executive? Maybe all females are too ‘€œsoft on crime’€ to effectively enforce the law and keep our streets safe.

And if you are, as you say in your mailer, fighting ‘€œhard to protect our families and way of life,’€ does that mean this ‘€œgirls out’€ rule should apply beyond law enforcement?

When I looked at your record, that seems to be your primary goal:

‘€¢ You sponsored legislation to allow pharmacists to refuse to dispense safe, legal birth control prescriptions. (AB 168, 2002)

‘€¢ You voted to eliminate family planning health care services for low-income women. (AB 831, 2002)

‘€¢ You voted to allow health care providers to withhold medical information and to refuse routine prenatal care to women. (AB 360, 2002)

Adding the insult of this mailer, which paints women as weak, to the injury you’€™ve already inflicted on women’€™s health care is a brilliant move, Scott. Now, let’€™s see if you can sell this backward thinking as our ‘€œway of life’€ to the masses.


# # #

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