Scott Walker Makes Taxpayers Finance His Campaign Operation, Again

Press Conference in Special Election Media Market on Election Day Shows Scott Walker Sees Trouble for GOP

MADISON, Wis. — Republican Gov. Scott Walker is using taxpayer resources to stage a “major” announcement this morning at a business run by a major GOP donor, in the midst of today’s special election in the Green Bay media market. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross said this “taxpayer-funded photo-op” was designed to influence today’s senate special election and is a clear violation of laws against the use of tax dollars to support political campaigns.

“Scott Walker is terrified Republicans are going to lose another election in Wisconsin and he’s playing every sleazy trump card he has,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “Scott Walker had to be dragged to court to have this election and now he’s doing taxpayer-funded photo-ops on the day of the election because he is a desperate career politician who sees the blue wave coming this November.”

Ross said it’s not just that Republican fealty to Donald Trump has energized progressives to go to the polls in major electoral victories this year, it’s also that Walker and the Republicans have ignored the economic needs of the state’s largest voting bloc: Generation X and Millennial voters.

Stagnant wages, skyrocketing student loan debt and rising costs for essentials for multi-income families, like child care, are leaving Wisconsin families feeling the financial pinch. They’re struggling to save for their retirement, and an extended personal or family illness could mean economic disaster. That’s why One Wisconsin Now and progressive leaders are supporting the Tomorrow Wisconsin agenda, which focuses on five key issues:

  • Student Loan Debt Refinancing
  • Paid Family and Medical Leave and Sick Days
  • Affordable Child Care
  • Job Security and Livable Wages
  • Access to State Pension System

The opposition of Scott Walker and the Republican-controlled legislature has stymied action on issues like helping student loan borrowers and restoring state equal pay protections while they pander to the wealthy and corporations. Not only are Wisconsin families poorer for the GOP’s obstruction, but Wisconsin is falling behind while other states that are taking action are benefitting from vibrant economies.

Ross concluded, “There is nothing sadder than a career politician who sees the end is near. Ever since his disastrous 71-day presidential flame out, Scott Walker spent every moment flying around Wisconsin doing campaign stops and handing out taxpayer funds to his political allies and donors. Today’s photo-op is yet another desperate move by a desperate politician.”

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