Scott Walker Polling Voters on Presidential Run

Source Tells One WI Now Poll Call Included Feelings of Walker Prez Run, Also Favorability of Paul Ryan, Hillary Clinton, Rand Paul, Elizabeth Warren Among Others

MADISON, Wis. — Two weeks after being elected for a second four-year term as Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker’s campaign is polling voters on his planned presidential run, asking favorability questions about various Republican and Democratic candidates, including fellow Republican U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, according to a One Wisconsin Now source who received the call Tuesday evening.

“Scott Walker promised Wisconsin his plan was to ‘serve as governor for the next four years,’ and two weeks later his campaign is polling on his prospects for a 2016 presidential run,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “Scott Walker is career politician who will do and say anything to feed his limitless personal political ambition.”

One Wisconsin Now was provided an account of the poll call, which was made to a regular Wisconsin voter. The poll specifically asked how the voter felt about Walker running for president.

In addition, the poll asked if the voter was thinking at all about the 2016 election and feelings about a range of potential 2016 presidential candidates, including: Republicans Rep. Paul Ryan, Sen. Rand Paul, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, two-time failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez and talk show host Mike Huckabee. The poll did not ask about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie or Sen. Ted Cruz.

The 2016 Democrats included in the poll were: former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, former Gov. Martin O’Malley, former Vice President Al Gore and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders was also included.

Alarmingly, the recipient was also asked their feelings about the state’s budget deficit, potential future tax cuts, school privatization measures, solutions for the transportation fund shortfall, cutting spending and the prospect of reducing social services to pay for transportation.

“It is bad enough Walker’s already polling on his 2016 campaign prospects,” said Ross. “But the fact he is going to determine policy for the state of Wisconsin’s 5.7 million residents by the results of a campaign poll and how they might affect his presidential run should outrage every single Wisconsinite.”

One Wisconsin Now noted yesterday the Associated Press reported Walker would not seek the chairmanship of the Republican Governors Association because “he couldn’t be fully committed to it as he considers a 2016 run.”

“After 20 years, this is the Scott Walker playbook — win an election and immediately look for higher office,” Ross said. “Walker’s latest obsession, winning a Tea Party GOP presidential primary, will result in even more corruption, cronyism and incompetence from his administration.”

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