Scott Walker Was Elected in Special Election

‘Scott Walker Has Been In Office So Long He Forgot How He Got There’

MADISON, Wis. — Gov. Scott Walker, who has created a constitutional crisis in Wisconsin by canceling special elections required under state law, was himself elected in special elections to two of the three offices he has held during his nearly 25 years in elected office. With a hearing on Walker’s constitutional end-around bill set today for the Senate Elections and Utilities Committee, Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director, reiterated Walker’s “galactic hypocrisy,” adding that Republican committee member and likely committee deciding vote Chris Kapenga was also elected to his current office in a special election.

“Scott Walker’s been in office for so long he seems to have forgotten it was a special election for the state legislature that got him into the government hammock 25 years ago,” said Ross. “After suppressing legal voters, rigging election maps and canceling elections, the only thing left is for Scott Walker to declare himself ‘Governor for Life.’”

Ross pointed out it was nearly 25 years ago that Scott Walker’s first electoral win was in a special election for the Wisconsin State Assembly. In 2002, Scott Walker was elected in a special election as Milwaukee County Executive, the elected office he held until being elected governor in 2010.

One Wisconsin Now’s research department has confirmed it has been 9,038 days since Walker was seated in the state Assembly following his first special election win.

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