Scott Walker Website: ‘What I hate about Doyle’

Anyone saddened by the coarse tenor to which much public discourse has devolved would see Scott Walker’s website as a nadir in our plummeting standards.

Sadly, as this screen capture from Wednesday shows, right on the front page of his site appears in bold, underlined type: “What I hate about Doyle.”

Is this how far we’ve fallen?

The post is by authored by a Walker supporter, who punctuates his missive with “I cant (sic) wait for change. SCOTT WALKER FOR GOV!!”

As an organization which provides the public and open and free exchange of ideas, One Wisconsin Now recognizes that certain unsettling and offensive language is going to appear from time to time.

What is most disturbing about the post “What I hate about Doyle” is that the Scott Walker campaign fully monitors who is able to post in its site and monitors its content. Several weeks ago one of One Wisconsin Now’s citizen journalists submitted a non-offensive contradictory opinion to one of the issue areas in which Walker has been vocal.

The post never appeared because the Walker people control what content appears on its website and have chosen to withhold opinions in opposition to Scott walker’s position on the issues.

This means they had to have approved the “What I hate about Doyle” post.

No one denies the campaign’s right to post things like “What I hate about Doyle,” but he can’t do that on his website’s front page and then expect the people to see him as anything other than devisive, intemperate and out-of-touch with mainstream Wisconsin.

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