Scott Walker: Wisconsin’s $100 Million Man

‘No Wisconsin Politician Has Raised More Campaign Cash For Himself or Been More Willing to Sell Us Out For a Campaign Contribution’

MADISON, Wis. — No other Wisconsin politician has crossed the threshold Scott Walker is expected to when he discloses his most recent round of campaign fundraising — shaking down donors for over $100 million for his campaigns for governor. In advance of a Walker media availability today to try to distract from the Democratic gubernatorial debate One Wisconsin Now Executive director Scot Ross denounced Walker for incessantly whining about campaign spending, while he has amassed $100 million since 2009.

“Scott Walker has shaken down campaign donors and schemed to sell out Wisconsin to the highest bidders to the tune of $100 million over his 25 years in office,” said One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross. “Instead of crying about voters being out to get him, Wisconsin’s $100 million man should be apologizing for what he’s done to our state to fund his insatiable quests for political power.”

The legions of donors underwriting Walker’s insatiable political ambitions includes some of the wealthiest individuals in Wisconsin and across the nation writing six figure checks.

Ross also noted that the $100 million figure is for Walker’s own gubernatorial campaigns and does not include his fundraising for his run for president or other organizations spending on his behalf. For example, according to news reporting on the criminal investigation into Walker’s campaigns, a donor reported writing a large check to an outside group supporting the Governor, “because Scott Walker asked.”

In addition, Walker’s longtime campaign chair Michael Grebe for years ran the Bradley Foundation. The nearly $1 billion Milwaukee based mega-funder of the right-wing noise machine has larded organizations supporting Walker and his political agenda with massive sums over the years.

“No Wisconsin politician has raised more campaign cash for himself or been more willing to sell us out for a campaign contribution than Scott Walker. Scott Walker is the literal poster child for obscene campaign spending,” concluded Ross.

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