Scotts Hit List: 230 workers, sick pay, overtime benefits, pay raises

Scott Walker had some real balls to say he wouldn’€™t accept federal stimulus dollars to help keep Milwaukee Co. from plunging further into an economic fubar. And while everyone around him could think of exceptional ways to utilize the available money, Walker insisted his plan for Milwaukee Co. wouldn’€™t rely on government dollars.

Instead, Scott Walker has a hit list‘€”I’€™ll call it the S-Hit List’€”of bad ideas aimed at putting less dollars in the pockets of Milwaukee Co. employees.At the top of the S-Hit List is Walker’€™s call for the unemployment of 230 Milwaukee Co. workers. And for those ‘€œlucky’€ enough to keep their jobs? Well if Walker has his way they should expect to lose a host of benefits on the Walker’€™s S-Hit List, including sick pay, overtime benefits, and pay raises.

‘€œYou mean, Scott Walker would rather un-employ 230 workers, freeze wages, cut pay raises, nix sick pay, and kill overtime benefits than accept available federal stimulus dollars and possibly create more jobs and make lives better?’€ Apparently so, dear reader. Apparently so.


Rounding out the Walker’€™s S-Hit List: the zoo, the airport, pension benefits, and the Marcus Center.

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