Sen. Grothman: Voter Protection assists ‘the lazy or uninformed’

I know it'€™s April Fools'€™ Day today, but who the hell do Sen. Grothman and the right-wing think they'€™re kidding here?

The Wisconsin Voter Protection Act (WVPA) is a great piece of legislation that will, among other things, ensure veterans and their families have an equal chance to participate in the democracy they fight to defend. It also addresses unconscionable acts of voter intimidation and voter suppression. Sen. Glenn Grothman (R) says it assists ‘€œthe lazy or uninformed.”

The AP reports:

Sen. Glenn Grothman of West Bend made his comment Wednesday as the Senate and Assembly elections committees held a joint hearing on the plan, which is moving quickly through the Legislature.

The bill would require the Government Accountability Board to automatically register citizens to vote when they sign up for driver’s licenses.

It would also make changes to allow military members who are overseas to more easily vote, and to encourage absentee voting and voting at satellite locations.

Supporters say the goal is to build on Wisconsin’s tradition of high turnout, and well-run elections.

And if you’€™re wondering, the answer is ‘€œYes’€.

Yes, Sen. Grothman’€”the fellow calling potential voters ‘€˜lazy or uninformed’€™’€”is the same legislator (i.e. paid by taxpayers to read and write legislation) that complained the 72-page WVPA bill was too long for him to read. Lazy or uninformed, Glenn?

Then there was the right-wing fringer from the Sheboygan Liberty Coalition who showed up yesterday to testify AT THE PUBLIC HEARING and express her nonsensical concern that there was LIMITED PUBLIC INPUT going into WVPA. WisEye may have the clip of all this nonsense.

I know it’€™s April Fools’€™ Day today, but who the hell do Sen. Grothman and the right-wing think they’€™re kidding here? Expanding access to the polls for eligible voters is always good thing.

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