Senator Alberta Darling Admits No Proof of Fraud

Response to Demand She Back Up Her Claim of Voting Impropriety: ''My Office Has No Documents'

MADISON, Wis. — Senator Alberta Darling made national news after the November election by suggesting that fraud accounted for some or all of President Obama’s 200,000 plus vote victory in Wisconsin. In response to One Wisconsin Now’s demand that she produce proof to back up her astounding claim, Senator Darling’s office has admitted via letter, ” … my office has no documents matching your request.”

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross commented, “Sen. Darling has revealed herself as the true fraud in Wisconsin, admitting that she has absolutely no proof to back up her claims of voting impropriety and providing no legitimate reason for her support of legislation that would make it harder for legal Wisconsin voters to cast their ballot.”

Darling is the second state Republican to admit that they have no proof to back up public allegations they’ve made about voting impropriety. Last week, Assistant Senate Republican Leader Glenn Grothman admitted, “I can’t prove it,” when challenged to back his statements in support of eliminating same day voter registration because of voting impropriety.

One Wisconsin Now has also written Assembly Speaker-elect Rep. Robin Vos and challenged him to provide proof to back up his recent public statements alleging voting impropriety. To date, Vos has failed to respond.

Ross encouraged Sen. Darling to come clean with the public on her true intentions saying, “Sen. Darling should just admit that what’s she’s really opposed to are minorities, students, renters, people of modest means and seniors being allowed to vote in Wisconsin.”

Besides misleading the public by claiming hundreds of thousands of votes were cast improperly in the November election, while knowing she had no proof, Darling is circulating legislation to eliminate same day voter registration in Wisconsin.

He concluded, “Republicans know they can’t win a fair fight, so they’re resorting to innuendo and outright lies to justify their schemes to rig elections and keep themselves in power. Sen. Darling ought to be ashamed to be a part of this perversion of democracy.”

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