Serious questions go unanswered by Scott Walker

Yesterday we were denied access to one of Scott Walker’€™s recycled ‘€œBrown Bag’€ campaign gimmick stops in Fitchburg. We had just a handful of questions we were hoping Walker could answer for us regarding fiscal management, spending, job creation and priorities. We left him our phone number, but alas, he has not responded.One Wisconsin Now’s questions:

1. How will you pay for your $2 billion proposed tax cuts for the rich and corporations that includes an income tax cut exclusively for those earning more than $225,000 a year and reopening of the “Las Vegas” loophole allowing corporations to evade Wisconsin tax obligations through phony post “office” boxes in states without corporate income tax?

2. Which of the five consecutive state budgets you voted for that increased spending 84 percent — a total of $200 billion in spending — was wrong to support?

3. Is the 35 percent increase in spending you have proposed as Milwaukee County Executive too much, too little or just right?

4. Can you name specific new economic development proposals you will enact to create “250,000 jobs” and reduce the unemployment rate effectively to zero percent?

5. You have said you want limits on the state’s successful BadgerCare plan, so how many families are you planning to cut from BadgerCare?

We’€™ll continue to seek answers from Walker on these and other critical issues facing the state of Wisconsin, but, as Scot said, ‘€œif Walker is unwilling to answer these questions, then only thing he’s packing in that borrowed brown bag is a bunch of baloney.’€

Go here for a full analysis of Walker’s regressive tax cut plan to benefit the rich and corporations.

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