Shameless, WPRI prepares new poll

Just days from embarrassing national media exposure questioning its ethics and credibility, WPRI is back with another poll, coming your way soon.

WPRI is the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, although some suggest it is We Push Republilcan Ideas, like school choice, which didn’t look as good in the last poll as the numbers WPRI decided to emphasize made it appear.

WPRI says it’s a non-partisan think tank, but its roster is filled with refugees from previous Republican administrations and campaigns, including a lot of Tommy Thompson sycophants — Jim Klauser, Ave Bie, Gerald Whitburn, Rick Graber, etc. etc.

the new poll, of course, will include questions on the races for governor and US Senate. You might wonder why a non-partisan think tank even cares about politics. Or you might not. You might wonder what the spin will be, and that would be an appropriate question.

Anyway, here’s your invitation. See you there?

There still remain a few open seats for this Friday’s poll release preview from the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute. We are in the field this week (last Sunday through tomorrow) so the results will be very fresh. This statewide poll includes questions about the Governor’s race (both Primary & General), the US Senate race (Primary & General) as well as several other policy related issues.

Dr. Ken Goldstein, professor from the UW Madison will give an overview along with the facts found from this poll. There will also be time for questions and answers relating to the process, and expectations of what he has found and how it pertains to the current political climate in the state.

The breakfast will take place on Friday, March 12 (THIS FRIDAY) from 7:30-8:45am at the Wisconsin Club downtown. Breakfast will be included. Please email Laura Gralton at or call Laura at 414-881-1005 if you are interested in attending.

The Wisconsin Institute of Policy Research is a non-profit 501c(3) organization and operates through general gifts and grants. If you enjoy and appreciate what you hear, we hope you will consider a gift to the organization. All types of contributions are acceptable; personal, corporate or foundation. For further information, please contact Laura Gralton.

When we last heard from Laura, she was a Scott McCallum fundraiser talking to a guy named Mike Gableman, who was calling her from his taxpayer-paid DA’s office to talk about — well, we thought fundraising but he said no. She recently had been being paid by the Neumann for Governor campaign, but here’s been so much side-switching — even Klauser changed horses — that it’s hard to know if she’s still part of the Neumann team.

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