Shocker: Walkers Talkers Simply Do Not Approve of One Wisconsin Now

Looks like Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has his rapid response done through the Journal Communications company.

No sooner had One Wisconsin Now posted our analysis showing Scott Walker’s proposed county budget increases of 35% were higher than the state’s two other largest municipalities, the City of Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin, than his pals in the “liberal media”: TMJ’s Charlie Sykes and the Journal Sentinel’s Patrick McIlheran, came roaring to his defense.What makes this comical is our release specifically suggested Walker talk about this and his votes for an 84 percent increase in state spending as a member of the legislature “during his weekly on-air chat with Charlie Sykes.”

Turns out when it comes to the failed leadership of Walker, Sykes and Paddy Mac are a well-oiled message machine.

McIlheran asks if OWN can find the “apple-oranges function in Excel”?

(cue: rim shot)

Dunno. But when it comes to the issue of Walker’s failed management of Milwaukee County, you and Charlie surely can copy and paste from the Walker talking points.

(cue: sound o’ failure)

# # #

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