Shocker: WPRI-UW Right Wing Propaganda Polling Project Concludes GOPs Message about Doyle

There it is on the front page of the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute’€™s website. Almost 800 words from George Lightbourn about ‘€œpolling’€ that concludes Gov. Jim Doyle’€™s Democratic backers in the state legislature are in peril.

It’€™s an amazing coincidence. Somehow, the sciency-stuff keeps working out for conservatives in the WPRI-UW Right Wing Propaganda Polling Project. Thankfully, for the Republicans, none of their state legislators voted in favor of Doyle’€™s fix to the state’€™s historic $7 billion budget deficit caused by the failed policies of George W. Bush and his GOP allies.

I guess we should believe that anyone who voted in favor of governor’€™s budget is in really big trouble come election time in 2010.

But what about President Obama? Isn’€™t he in trouble, too?

Nope. In fact the WPRI poll juxtaposes the president’€™s approval with Doyle’€™s numbers showing that the Doyle brand (up before the voters in 2010) is in big trouble, while Obama doesn’€™t face re-election until 2012.

This must be what southerners mean by ‘€œthe slow play.’€

From the moment we first heard about this project, One Wisconsin Now thought it outrageous that the University of Wisconsin-Madison, through media-hungry Ken Goldstein, would go into business with the state’€™s biggest and most influential right wing think tank.

Our prediction was that the poll would be put out as some form of legitimate science, trading on the UW (and Goldstein’€™s) reputation, but that the storylines would miraculously advance a conservative agenda. This despite the public’€™s support shown in current legitimate polling, for a more liberal economic approach on taxation for the wealthy and corporations, business regulation for bad actors and health insurance reform that ends the stranglehold insurance companies have on American.

You can just hear right wing blowhard and the fact-lacking Charlie Sykes, WPRI’€™s most prominent figure, laughing himself to sleep at night with a booming chortle that sounds like the setting off of illegal fireworks.

We’€™ve already written about how the poll asked about health care without a question about a public option ‘€“ literally, the most discussed piece of the bill. But then again, the WPRI-UW Right Wing Propaganda Project would never allow a question that would result in advancing a non-conservative agenda. They have seen all the research that consistently shows 60 percent of Americans want a public option, but somehow their poll didn’€™t report on this.

Instead, Lightbourn is getting what he wants, chances to get his conservative message into the media. Doyle’€™s in trouble, Democrats in the legislature are in trouble. Closing the $100 million Las Vegas corporate loophole is bad. Raising income taxes on the top 1% for the first time in 40 years is bad. Getting our finances back on track without destroying public education is bad.

Anytime one deviates from standard operating, that’€™s when you can smell the’€¦well, let’€™s say malarkey.

The UW-Madison continuing it’€™s affiliation with this garbage since is’€¦well, bullmalarkey.

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