Sierra Club Calls Out McCain and His Big Oil Backers

At a time in the year when Big Oil is once again reporting record profits, the Sierra Club is announcing a TV ad that puts Senator John McCain’€™s energy policies under close scrutiny. While working people have been experiencing so much pain at the pump, Big Oil has continued to reap billions of dollars in profit in just the past three months alone. The Sierra Club ad zeros in on the fact that McCain has taken some $2 million in campaign cash from Big Oil and has proposed tax giveaways of as much as $4 billion, even as they gouge the public.

The Sierra Club points out that Big Oil is reporting yet another quarter of billions in record-breaking profits. They are even outpacing last year’€™s records. ConocoPhillips raked in $5.4 billion, BP pulled down $9.5 billion (which exceeded analysts expectations by more than $1.5 billion, and tomorrow when John McCain visits Wisconsin, ExxonMobil and Shell will also announce billions of dollars of profits, respectively. Chevron is set to announce its profits tomorrow’€”with analysts expecting them to top last year’€™s second quarter total of $5.4 billion.

The new Sierra Club ad calls out John McCain for his efforts to further pad the already massive wallets of Big Oil. At a time when fuel costs are hurting our entire economy and oppressing working families, the Sierra Club is right to forcefully address the issue and Big Oil enablers like Senator John McCain.

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