Since When is $100 Million Chump Change?

To most people in the world $100 million is an unimaginable amount of money. Apparently that is not the case when you are a right wing ideologue looking to short change programs for the needy.

In today’s Capital Times story, about OWN’s petition on the estate tax, Todd Berry of Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance gives us the quote of the day. Berry declares that $100 million is not “a whole lot of money.” Since when is $100 million chump change? Apparently when it goes to important programs that help the needy.

Todd Berry and his right wing counterparts would scream bloody murder if it were $100 million coming from the vast estates of the most wealthy. Likewise if we were asking the largest corporations to contribute it, Berry and friends would be up in arms. Heck, maybe they would even hold an event decrying it. Yet, when we are talking about $100 million in cuts that don’t involve those special interests, its not “a whole lot of money.”

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