Smoke Signals from Wispolitics?

Ironically, I finished reading the weekly report today at 4:20, because a couple of the items led me to believe something wafting in the air over there is contributing to the report’s most recent odd pronoucement.

In sum: the weekly “rising” segment led off with the GOP as a winner this week. Yes, that GOP. The Wisconsin Grand Old Party. The are movin’ on up, according to wispo.

Why, you ask?Perhaps it’s because of the recent successful actions of President McCain to enact more tax cuts for the wealthy and stop this nonsense talk of stimulus and infrastructure.

Maybe it’s because Governor Mark Green just reported $5 million fundraising 2008, paving the way for his all-but-guaranteed re-election in two years.

Or mayhaps newby Congressional Rep. John Gard, who despite being courted to join the Democratic Party (by fellow Hill Republicans), has been given a coveted slot on Chair FEP Sensenbrenner’s judicial committee’s Subcommittee on Seething Contempt for Decency.

Is it Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Assembly Speaker Mike Huesbch en route to navigating an end to public education, the stewardship fund, union represenation, BadgerCare, SeniorCare and health care in general?

Y’know I’m guessin’ it’s Vice President Sarah Palin successfully pronouncing the ‘g’ at the end of her speech declaring that America was days away from “winnin’g’ the latest war in Iran.”

It’s gotta be one of these, right?

[Note to wispo’s legal eagles: The inference in the title and lede is a joke. If something funny was going on, I’m sure the only statewide elected Republican, top cop JB Van Hollen, would have kicked down the doors. Particularly if there was urban voting going on up there.]

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