Some Make Mistakes while Others Commit Fraud

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Laurel Walker reported this week that between 65 and 100 people in Oconomowoc voted at the wrong place last week. Actually it seems that this has been going on for several years. The voters in question live in two 24-unit condo buildings and have been voting in one district while actually living in another. A discrepancy between mapped voting districts and district poll lists was cited as the reason for the confusion.

It is interesting that this story failed to garner any other attention. Something tells me that if this (years long) ‘€œmistake’€ had taken place in the City of Milwaukee, we would have seen a week of headlines and accusations of ‘€œvoter fraud’€ being leveled at everyone within eight feet of this condo. Heck, we may have even seen a few of our favorite politicians doing press conferences outside the property. But alas, this remarkable situation didn’€™t happen in Milwaukee, it happened in the heart of the most conservative county in the state. It appears that one person’€™s ‘€œmistake’€ is another person’€™s act of ‘€œfraud.’€

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