“Some” people? Hmm, who could they be?

WisPolitics, the online political news service, in its report to subscribers:

— .. [Gov. Jim] Doyle said it’s “total nonsense” for people to suggest the state shouldn’t accept federal stimulus money…

Some have criticized the use of federal stimulus to fund state services, saying the one-time fed infusion will cause larger budget problems down the road…

“…I think it’s a very good thing for the people of this state. I don’t think many of our citizens would say, ‘The federal government wants to help with the cost of education. Turn that money down so our kids can go to inferior schools,’” Doyle said.

What’s curious is that after a week of daily publicity about Milwaukee County Exec Scott Walker’s insipid statement that his county doesn’t want any federal stimulus money, WisPol would not identify him. “Some” includes only Walker and right-wing bloggers and talk shows who have felt obligated to defend his indefensible position.

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