Sounding off on the Need to Improve Air Quality

Have you noticed that unhealthy air days have been in the news more frequently this year in Milwaukee County?

The real issue for Milwaukee County is how will we meet the Clean Air Act regulations on soot (particulates)? If Wisconsin is going to not test car emissions for older models built before 1996, then what is the plan for meeting the regulations to improve our air quality? The Doyle administration needs to develop a plan that insures all counties will comply with the EPA limits to reduce smog and soot. Public hearings need to be held on that plan to bring counties into compliance.

Asthma disproportionately affects African Americans and children in Milwaukee County. Those small particles that we are breathing can cause premature deaths in our older populations suffering from heart or lung diseases. Inhaling particulates also inhibits the healthy development of lung function in children.

How can the public judge whether this vehicle testing exemption is reasonable without a comprehensive plan to meet the EPA standards to reduce soot in Milwaukee County and other counties that currently violate the regulations?

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