Source of Koschnick’s funny numbers revealed

Ever wonder where Randy Koschnick’s campaign gets the funny numbers it uses in its bogus claims about Shirley Abrahamson’s record?

Now it can be told, thanks to the latest campaign finance report Koschnick filed with the Government Accountability Board.

Koshnick has gone to Ms. New Math herself — Jessica McBride Bucher.

She can be relied upon to cook the books according to any recipe you’d like, as she demonstrated by her endless number crunching to try to show that Justice Louis Butler never met a criminal or a defense motion he didn’t like.

Koschnick’s been trying to make the same case against Abrahamson. No wonder Koschnick’s claims about Abrahamson are so far off base.

Ms. Bucher — that’s how she’s listed in the reports — used to do bad math as a hobby, burning the midnight oil and typing furiously on her blog, since closed to visitors. Now she’s found someone to pay her — $1,250 paid so far and another $1,000 still owed her — for her work.

Wonder if she has malpractice insurance.

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