Stand up for WI’s health care workers – ban mandatory overtime

How would you feel if at the end of an exhausting 8-hour shift, your boss made you work another 8-hour shift, back to back?

Sadly, nurses and other healthcare workers in Wisconsin face that situation all the time.In an effort to cut costs, many hospitals and other healtcare facilities in Wisconsin require nurses and other direct care workers to work double shifts, often without advance notice.

The time has come to end the practice of mandatory overtime, for the health and safety of our healthcare workers and patients. 


Many other professions, like airline pilots, truck drivers and rail workers, have limits on the number of hours they can work in a row, and rightfully so — safety is paramount in those professions because so many lives are at risk if those jobs aren’t performed with the utmost care. The same is true for nurses and direct care professionals, who provide life-saving support care for patients. 

You can help end the practice of mandatory overtime for nurses and healthcare professional by heading over to and reaching out to your state legislator to let them know you support ending mandatory overtime. 

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