State Senate Candidate Dan Feyen Refuses to Condemn Donald Trump’s Sexual Assault of Women Brag, Hopes to Raise Campaign Cash at Event Featuring GOP Women Leaders

‘Committed to Support the Republican Nominee’ Instead of Denouncing Criminal Assault of Women

MADISON, Wis. — As reported by the state news service WisPolitics, Dan Feyen yesterday refused to condemn Donald Trump for comments caught on tape in which he brags of sexually assaulting women, without consequence. Today, Dan Feyen will host a “Women for Dan Feyen” event at which he features a trio of Republican women state elected officials at a fundraising event for his campaign.

“What’s going on here is disturbing and disappointing on so many levels,” commented One Wisconsin Now Research Director Jenni Dye. “Donald Trump’s words and actions are disqualifying. Dan Feyen refusing to denounce Trump while asking women to help him raise campaign cash is offensive.”

As widely reported in the media, Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump was caught on tape bragging he could and did kiss and grope women without consequence. Such acts would be considered criminal sexual assault under Wisconsin state law.

In response to questions about his reaction to the latest from Trump, Feyen’s campaign commented on Monday that he is, “committed to support the Republican nominee,” and is focused on his race for state Senate. Many high-profile Republicans including candidates and elected officials across the nation have publicly denounced Trump, withdrawn endorsements and announced they would not vote for him.

Dye concluded, “Worse than the hypocrisy and crass political calculation displayed by Feyen is that someone who wants to represent the men and women of 18th Senate District in the state legislature refuses to denounce words that demean women and actions that constitute sexual assault.”

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